Guru Nanak Farm Solutions

We Guru Nanak Farm Solutions, provide new and high tech drip irrigation systems, sprinkler irrigation systems, underground pipeline systems, Solar Systems and Landscape irrigation systems and equipment's.

We are registered under Department of Soil and Water Conservation, Punjab and help farmers to install all kind of subsidised irrigation projects in their field to increase productivity and prosperity. We are concept maker and seller.


  • 13+ Years wide, deep and studied Experience.
  • Perfect inspection and conclusion skill of new technology.
  • Continuous research on improving and delivering high.
  • Cultural and ethical bounding with the farmer.
  • Team of highly professional Engineers and Scientists to generate design and ideas.

Our Misson

  • Precision Irrigation for Sustainable Agriculture.
  • Simple solutions for high tech farming.
  • To increase productivity and prosperity with less input and efforts.
  • More crop in less water, space and fertilizers.
  • To create greener area with effective utilization of water.

Our Goal

Prosperous farmers make for a prosperous nation. Guru Nanak Farm Solutions empowering and uplifting farmers by decreasing input, increasing output and improving agricultural efficiency multi-fold.

Why GNFS ?

  • Saves Water – The products of Guru Nanak Farm Solutions are a labour of extensive R&D and are designed to save one of the most important natural resources – water by up to 70% water in comparison to flood irrigation. This broadens the reach of irrigation and more land is cultivated to produce higher yield.
  • Choosing GNFS irrigation techniques has helped farmers increase their yield up to 175 %.
  • There is a consistent growth of crops which is healthier, of superior quality and matures faster.
  • Early maturity results in higher and faster returns on investment which has seen the farmer community basking in prosperity.
  • With high quality irrigation and agriculture support, the dependence on fertilizers, inter–culturing and labours all declines which reduces costs significantly.
  • The adequate water supply complements the efficiency of fertilizers by 30%.
  • It is a comprehensive system where fertilizer and chemical treatment can be given through the Micro Irrigation System itself.
  • The wide variety of products has shown positive results in undulating terrains, saline and water logged areas and also in sandy & hilly lands. Irrespective of the physical conditions, all lands have been brought under productive cultivation.
  • Being a registered contractor/service provider of Dept of Soil and Water Conservation, GNFS helps farmer to achieve up to 90% subsidy on irrigation projects.
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